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Solar Energy Project

El Salto, Nicaragua

Meetings and discussions with residents of El Salto have held a common refrain...."We can't afford to pay the water bill!"


In recent years, an electric pump replaced a highly productive, free rope pump. This pump pushes water to a cement tank high above the village to be gravity fed to residents below.  At first, the bills were affordable.  However, the cost quickly escalated.  Soon after, about 75% of families could no longer afford to pay their water bill and their tap was shut off forcing them to walk up and down the steep hillside to use the community pumps below.  


Residents cite this problem as the number one priority in El Salto.  We had a technician from Technisol, a Nicaraguan solar power company, come and survey the site and provide us with an estimate for getting the system on solar power.


At the same time, we conducted meetings with community leaders discussing the need for the community to come up with a maintenance plan if the system were to be put in place.  We will return in October to meet with leaders to see how far they are in planning for all residents to contribute affordably to a water system maintenance fund.


The solar energy project is estimated to cost around $12,000 and would benefit nearly 400 residents.

Won't you spread a little sunshine?  Donate to this solar project now.  Thanks!





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A check in any amount may be made to HeadStrong Works and mailed to 2012 Baringer Avenue, Louisville, KY  40204.

All contributions are tax deductible.

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