Annual Dental Clinics

Waswali, Nicaragua


Dental clinics are conducted by Dr. Christopher Mast, his wife Aislinn, and their dental team.   The clinics serve approximately 100 residents a year.  The whole community receives dental assistance as follows:


1. Sealant of 6 year molars (the most common site for cavities)


2. Acute Pain management including emergency extractions and root canals when possible


3.  Sealant of 12 year molars as a preventative measure


4.  Oral hygiene education and distribution of in country purchased oral care products


5.  Collaborate with the community to develop a plan for successive visits over the longterm to ensure better overall health of the community. 





Our approach is very different from typical dental mission trips where teeth are pulled, worst pain is alleviated, and then the group never returns.