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Meet our Community Leaders...

Lesley Massiel Soza

Massiel is the key to keeping our Filtron program successful.  She identifies families in need of Filtrons, documents payments, and advises us concerning families in extreme poverty who require additional time to pay off Filtrons.


She is also proud to have been the first recipient of a New Business Loan through HeadStrong.  This loan was sponsored by Rev Advantage, LLC.  Since 2015, Massiel has utilized and repaid three business loans and is currently the owner of a snack shop, a door to door clothing business, and a roadside food stand.  

Maria Elena Saenz

Maria Elena was one of the first friendly faces and community leaders to collaborate with us in Waswali.  We depend on her patience, reputation and insight in every project we do.  She assists in organizing all program records and heads the community based committee that identifies families for program participation and provides financial literacy.  We are grateful for her time and for her generosity in opening her home during project training.  She is also a fabulous cook!  

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