Water Purifier Repair

Nicaragua June 2013: Waswali, Nuestra Tierra, El Salto, San Jose, Yaule

This trip was undertaken in order to scout for one or two communities who would be interested in working with HeadStrong over at least a 3-5 year period of time.  We looked for communities that demonstrated leadership capacity, visible efforts toward self improvement, and willingness to collaborate and contribute toward the improved development of their families and public services.

Matagalpa, Nicaraguga  2013

Working hand in hand with Puentes de Esperanza, we were able to ensure cleaner water access to approximately 500 people as well as explore Raphael Alvarado's building projects.


Our first trip of five, with our mentor Rick.  This was a chance to disseminate training, see how we work together, explore our skill sets, and see who can quip the best one liner under absurd circumstances.
"Use what you have."


Staci and Garth go with EDGE Outreach to Ranquitte, Haiti. 
"Gravity demands payment."

Nicaragua  November 2011 

In partnership with EDGE Outreach, Water Ambassadors Canada, and  Puentes de Esperanza, Staci gets to know hand pump repair and conversion in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.
"You never know what's down the well."
Settling into the 5 seater.

We kept saying, "Our moms would kill us!!"